Coaches Honour Board

The McKinnon Cougars are extremely proud of all the Cougar Coaches that help develop our representative players throughout the season and we are extremely grateful for their ongoing service to the club. In recognition of this, each season the Cougar Directors of Coaching awards those coaches who have shown outstanding service and improvement throughout the season. 


The McKinnon Basketball Association would like to thank and congratulate all coaching staff that help make our club great!


VJBL Cougar Representative Season 2012/13

(Awarded by Matt Brooks and Marty Handson)


Junior Boys Coach of the Year: Jerome Parot

Junior Girls Coach of the Year: Ashley Cookson


Junior Boys Most Improved Coach: Darcy Sharpe

Junior Girls Most Improved Coach: Sam Deeble


Junior Boys Coach’s Recognition Award: Marcus Timmons & Paul Geer


VJBL Cougar Representative Season 2011/12

(Awarded by Matt Brooks and Marty Hanson)


Junior Boys Coach of the Year:  Josh Martin

Junior Girls Coach of the Year:  Chris Giosis

Junior Boys Most Improved Coach:  Nick Johnston


Junior Boys Coach’s Recognition Award:  Jerome Parot and Nathan Geer

Junior Girls Coach’s Recognition Award: Sarah Fraser-Jones



VJBL Cougar Representative Season 2010/11

(Awarded by Marcus Timmons)


Most Improved Coach:  Zoot Sanders Vaughan

Junior Girls Coach of the Year:  Alex Cody

Junior Boys Coach of the Year:  Paul Geer

Coaches Recognition Award:  Erin Hastings & Ben Rissman


VJBL Cougar Representative Season 2009/10

(Awarded by Marcus and Damien)


Most Improved Coach:  Renee Kelly

Junior Coach of the Year:  Sam Ayre

Long Service Coaches Award:  Mark Mackie

Coaches Recognition Award:  Grahame Nash