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Domestic Competition Bylaws

MBA Bylaws

MBA Mixed Bylaws

MBA Zero Tolerance Policy

MBA Zero Tolerance Policy

Child Protection Policies

MBA Child Protection Policy

Privacy Policy

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Heat Policy

Heat Policy to be used in extreme temperatures for representative and domestic basketball in line with Basketball Victoria

High Temperature Policy

Complaint & Grievance Policy

The attached Complaints & Grievance Policy is to be used as a guidance in disputes.

The by-laws are made for the protection of all participants in basketball. There is particular emphasis in the offences under the By-laws on protection of officials, with considerably heavier penalties for offences committed against officials.

The MBA because of its size and club familiarity has decided to use external investigating officers and tribunals to ensure complete impartiality.

The MBA in most cases will act as a conduit between involved parties.

Complaint and Grievance Policy

Social Media Policy

BV Member protection policy Social networks

Drug & Alcohol Policy

McKinnon Basketball Association has made a conscious decision to be pro-active in this area and holds annual  educational sessions by Victoria Police,  These are run by senior members of Victoria Police who work in the Petra Task Force, and are thus well aware of the dangers of illicit drugs and their associated crimes.

The aim of our strategy is to protect the health and well being of our players and officials, and to protect the reputation of the Association.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

OH & S Policy

The aim of our strategy is to protect the health and well being of our players and officials, and to protect the reputation of the Association.

OH&S Policy

Equity & Inclusiveness Policy

McKinnon Basketball has made a conscious effort to be pro active in this area.

The aim of our strategy is to protect the health and well being of our players and officials, and to protect the reputation of the Association.

Equity Inclusive Policy

Video & Photography Policy

McKinnon Basketball recognises that there are many legitimate reasons why still and video photography at sports is very common and does not wish to unnecessarily restrict or curb that photography.

It is perfectly normal and acceptable for parents to want to film their children’s sports to keep as a memento of their growing up. This is becoming increasingly so with the technology being widely owned.

It is also becoming increasingly popular for coaches to video their teams’ games to assist them in training. Less common, but also becoming more so, is for the purposes of scouting another team that will be playing the videoing team shortly. Videos can also assist in referee training.

At more senior levels, the Big V competition organisers have made it compulsory for games to be taped as if there is a reportable incident during the game the video can be used in evidence. In addition, the knowledge that a game is being taped may act as a deterrent to bad behaviour because players will know they may be captured on tape, even if a referee does not see the misdeed. So there is a safety angle to the issue as well.

On the other hand, photographs and videos can also be used for nefarious purposes. Basketball Victoria is concerned to ensure that it and its Affiliated associations take reasonable steps to ascertain that photographic depiction of basketball activities is being used for legitimate and harmless purposes.

This means that competition organisers have to be ever vigilant in protecting participants, particularly children.

Accordingly, the following policy will apply

The MBA would usually allow parents and close relatives to take photographs and video tape games or training provided the parent or relative is known to the association.

As a courtesy, the coach or manager of the opposition team should also be notified of the intention to photograph or video the game.

Coaches who wish to video their own team’s games or training for training purposes should also normally be allowed to do so. Again, the opposition should be informed. Parents of the coach’s own team should be advised by the coach if it is intended to regularly video games or training and the reason for it.

Referee coaches wishing to video games for training or evaluation purposes should advise the teams of their intentions prior to the game.

MBA Constitution

MBA Constitution

FIBA Rules of the Game

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